2011 Ramadan Appeal

We have now launched our 2011 Ramadan Appeal to raise £60,000, Insha Allah, to rebuild the Wudu and Ghusl area.

As you know, this area is in great need of modernisation and is now getting too small for our growing congregation. The need is great and Allah (swt) has again presented us with this amazing opportunity to serve His house.

The beauty of charity and giving in Islam

Allah (swt) has set up a number of amazing ways for us to seek His blessings and rewards. One of those ways is an act of charitable giving: to build a mosque or to contribute to its upkeep.

Allah (swt) tells us, through His beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) that one of the ways to receive continuous blessings [Sadqah Jariya] is to build a mosque in this life )or contribute towards building a mosque in any way you can) and He (Allah swt) will build a palace for you in Jannah (Heaven).

How To Donate

1. You can donate directly to the WIA Mosque Fund by bank transfer, standing order, online or by cheque / cash.

Bank: Natwest
Account: Warrington Islamic Association
Account Number: 58864776
Sort Code: 01-09-17



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