Ramadan Appeal 2012

Alhamdulilah Allah (swt) has again blessed us with a unique and amazing opportunity to serve Him (swt) and to do his work, Insha Allah.

Works are planned to start on the rebuilding of the Wudu and Ghusl areas, transforming and bringing the Masjid up to date so it can cater for the growing number of attendees.

To gain blessings, Ajar and Swaab, Insha Allah, please donate generously and give Sadqah in the blessed month of Ramadan to help realise this wonderful project.

Donating even a small amount will surely be of huge benefit to you and your loved ones as Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) has told us that 3 things will give you continuos blessings (Sadqah Jariah) after our passage from this world. They are:

1. Pious children / offspring that follow the path of our Lord (swt)
2. Helping Orphans and teaching them in the way of Islam
3. Building or contributing towards the building / upkeep of a Masjid

Allah (swt) tells us, through His beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) that one of the ways to receive continuous blessings [Sadqah Jariya] is to build a mosque in this life )or contribute towards building a mosque in any way you can) and He (Allah swt) will build a palace for you in Jannah (Heaven) Insha Allah.

How To Donate

1. You can donate directly to the WIA Mosque Fund by bank transfer, standing order, online or by cheque / cash.

Bank: Natwest
Account: Warrington Islamic Association
Account Number: 58864776
Sort Code: 01-09-17

Jazzak Allah Khair.

WIA Committee

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