Jummah Reminder

During this time whilst we are bound by limitations on who can attend our Masajid to pray our Jummah prayers, our weekly Jummah Reminder sermon is now on Mixlr. The meeting starts at the new time of 12pm and ends approximately 12.20pm. Everyone is welcome and we invite you to join us here. Please note […]

A Gathering of Praise

Join us for an evening of poetry, praise and remembrance from the comfort of your home. Held every Friday at  8pm on Zoom. This weeks (Friday 5th June 2020) guests include: *Ustadh Burhaan Khandia* *Ustadh Mohamed Abdalla* Live on Zoom Join gatherings of praise of the best of Creation! Please share with family and friends. […]

Rules of Qurbani

The Rules of Qurbani in Islam Rules of Qurbani *Guidelines with regards to The Eid Sacrifice/ Qurbani/ Udhiyya:* With around 10 days left (21st July 2020) till the date of the sacrifice, it is important to have clear guidelines in place to ensure we carry out the Eid sacrifice in the correct manner, and attain […]

Masjid Re-Opening Times & Guidelines

Coronavirus Update: Reopening Warrington Islamic Centre ?? ?????????????? ?? ?? ??????? ?? ???? ? Alhamdulillah, in line with UK Government guidelines, we are pleased to announce Warrington Islamic Centre will be reopening insha’Allah for congregational Fardh prayers only, from Saturday 4th July 2020 starting with the Fajr Prayer. However, Coronavirus is still present and poses […]