Ramadan in Warrington

Ramadan is the blessed month in which Allah Almighty prescribed fasting for the believers. It’s a spiritually uplifting time and a time to get closer to your Lord and Creator and collect countless blessings through the beautiful acts of worship.

At Warrington Islamic Centre we have many special events throughout the month to celebrate and educate us all about the month of Ramadan.

Two very special events are listed below. Please download the posters to view the full details.:

During the month of Ramadan we also have regular Tarawee prayers along with short talks and educational events. Tarawee (the night prayers) will be lead by Hafiz Zaid Ali Khan. Tarawee prayers will begin immediately after Isha salah at 11pm.

Ramadan 2016 Timetable

Itikaaf 2016

Itikaaf this year will again be lead by Sheikh Haroon Hanif during the last 10 days of Ramadan and will feature a whole host of educational talks, spiritual benefits and increasing ones knowledge. Come and graze in the meadows of Paradise!
More details on Itikaf 2016 in Warrington here

Merits of Ramadan

Please download the information pdf pamphet to find out more about the blessings bestowed on us all during the month of Ramadan.
Merits of Ramadan

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